Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Around Town

Well, maybe we shouldn't have been riding around taking pictures, but you know how photographers are.

Gustav Made a Grand Entrance

Well, we had an adventurous Labor Day to say the least. I think our neighborhood fared well during this hurricane. Riding around and seeing the destruction made me thank God that we were spared. Hope everyone is doing fine and getting back to some sense of normalcy. For those of you who left and were wondering what happened during the storm here are a few photos I snapped.

Friday, August 22, 2008

What's happening with River Landing Subd.

Just want to let everyone know what's going on in your subdivision.

From the Mayor (Carroll B.)
1.Patching the pot holes (full over lay next year)
2. Installing a Dead End sign (done)
3. Children at play signs
4. Installing a street light at the entrance to the sub (river road)

From the Chief of Police (Ricky Anderson)
1. Installing neighborhood watch signs (4)
2. Helping organizing neighbor watch for the subdivision
3. The Mayor and the Chief will be attending our next meeting

From River Landing HOA President (Dan Wells)
1. Entrance lights back on
2. Process working on the timer
3. Working on getting sprinklers system in service
4. Setting a date for the yearly picnic

From the ACC
1. The ACC will be choosing the next yard of the month
2, Also the ACC will be addressing the flake land scalping (flowers)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

River Landing Homeowner’s Association Meeting
Tuesday July 15, 2008

Meeting was called to order @ 6:30pm at the home of Alcus Rimes.
*Board Members Present:
Alcus Rimes - Board of Director
Dan Wells – Board of Director
Christine Trahan – Secretary
Billi Romero – President
*Minutes Approval - No minutes to approve
*Committee Reports
- Architectural Control Committee
Glynn Castle submitted plans to get his BBQ Pavilion approved and to change the color of his mailbox to Black.
It was approved unanimous by the Board Members present
*Non-compliance Issues
1. RV visible from the street - no action was taken at this time, pending further investigation
2. Pile of trash on vacant lot (will follow-up w/FaKoury
3. Long grass in vacant lots (Billi called Summit to have them take care of it)
*Financial Report
As of July 15th we have a balance of $1,903.04 in the Association checking account.
*Other Issues
1.Billi will set-up a subdivision email and a blog.
2.We decided to order food from Bayou Bistro for the Annual Meeting
3.We have appointed a new subdivision attorney Mr. Pat Pentley
4.Christine Trahan resigned as Secretary

Meeting was adjourned by Al Rhimes and seconded by Dan Wells

Minutes from July 8th meeting

-Get signs made for Dues
-Dues- discussed whether or not to keep dues at $125 or decrease to $100
-Food for annual meeting
sandwiches possibly from DC's or Bayou Bistro
drinks, chips, ice, cups
Budget for the annual meeting is $100

Vice President will be included in the elections
People in violation of restrictions will not be allowed to run

Discussion of Solar Lights for entrance from the levee is on hold. Association is still looking and pricing